Baba Yaga from “The house with chicken legs”

Who is Baba Yaga from the house with chicken legs?

In Poland, my homeland, Baba Yaga was a scary old lady who was believed to eat kids. Adults would tell this story to kids hoping they would be more obedient…

In the meantime, the same “scary old lady” was a completely different person in Russia!


I like the Sophie Anderson’s, the Russian Yaga better!

Baba Yaga The (soul) Guardian

The novel touched my heart and soul a lot. Maybe I just needed it at this stage of my life? The story teaches, opens one’s eyes and brings back old, forgotten wisdom… The one that is hidden deep within ourselves.

It proves that everything we need at the moment is really close to us. All we need to do is to open ourselves to magic and let it work!

Sophie’s Baba Yaga is a chubby lady who would devote her life for the good of others. She is always ready to help, always has a solution for everything and nothing can make her agitated or disturbed. She knuckles down to do her daily routine and cleans out her ‘to-do-list’ during the day to be fully focused and ready at night… For the visitors to come.

zakładka house chicken legs sophie anderson baba yaga jaga chatka cabin woods slvaic tales book

Baba Yaga and the house… Coexist!

The house with chicken legs is a great teacher, sage on so many levels. Literally, the house knows its residents very well and is very close to them. It can read their minds throughout and give them whatever they need. It also proves that sky is the limit!

I felt the house with so many senses, in so many aspects and on so many levels … Metaphorically the house with chicken legs is our inner voice, it’s like a sign on an endless road. In real, the house seems to me like our intuition! Yes, it sounds paradoxical that a children’s book can mean anything to an adult? And yet.

The Yaga and the house have to support each other in other to exist. They both have a mission and in order to have live and give energy to others they need to keep going. And never stop! It’s a demanding task but it’s worth!

So what is magic about?

Magic is not only the attributes of a witch, wands and running houses with chicken legs. Magic is all that surrounds us, all what we are able to believe, overcome and accept. And we ourselves…

The house with chicken legs‘ is like meditation or some relaxing spa treatment. I felt blissful and calm as I was reading the book. This is exactly what my mind, eyes, imagination, heart and soul needed!

zakładka house chicken legs sophie anderson baba yaga jaga chatka cabin woods slvaic tales book

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