What To See In Tbilisi In 48 Hours?

Thanks to our Armenian friend, Marine (who is the Envoy hostel manager and an amazing tour guide) as well as Giorgi, the founder of a very informative website, Georgia Starts Here (make sure to check it out if you’re planning your trip to Georgia!) we’ve squeezed the most out of our trip to Tbilisi. Two splendid days of sightseeing, learning about the history of this gorgeous city and tasting the best Georgian food.

It was a very short trip and we were sad to leave. Tbilisi stole my heart for the beautiful balconies, its naturalness (still untouched by crowds of tourists), ancient architecture, lovely people, low prices and delicious food.

I’ve prepared for you a 48-hour itinerary in this amazing city. I’ve listed the things to do and see and it’s totally up to you how you’ll mix them! Our trip was very intensive, apart from the places below, we also wandered in the city and made around 15km a day.

Funicular Ride

If you like the view of cities from the top that’s a thing for you. This cable car was designed in 1905 by a Belgian engineer and overwent a renovation after a crash in 2000 but don’t worry, it’s safe now! A single ride costs only 2 GEL (0.75 EUR) and the experience is totally worth more than that.

The views are splendid (perfect to make a timelapse!) and once you get to the top of the hill, you can walk in the park, admire the views on Tbilisi or have a lunch in the restaurant. The food there is expensive though (as for Tbilisi) and you can see quite a lot of tourists there.

Giorgi showing me the city

The Public Baths

Have you ever experienced a Turkish or Moroccan hammam? If you enjoyed, the baths in Azerbaijani area in Tbilisi will impress you. Make sure to reserve a whole evening or afternoon for the experience, for instatnce after a whole day of sightseeing. The baths are among my favorite ways to slow down and relax. Once you’ve had the scrub done you will feel like sleeping, trust me!

Address: Abano street.

Name: Sulfur baths, Orbeliani baths.

The buildings of the baths are on the left
Can you see the rounded roofs? These are the baths!

Khinkali (and other Georgian delicacies!)

Khinkali is probably my favorite Georgian food. There are hundreds of restaurants serving it but I’d recommend going to the ones near Freedom Square.

Address: Dadiani Street. The street is full of restaurants that specialize in khinkali so whichever you choose, it will be a good choice. We’ve tried three places in that neighborhood and loved them all. I also tried khinkalis in the Funicular restaurant but they were three times smaller and twice more expensive than the ones on Dadiani street!

My favorite khinkali was the one with sulguni cheese and the other with mushrooms and fresh coriandre. You can read more about Georgian food here.

Churchkhela (aka Georgian Snickers): a mixture of what Georgians like the most: crunchy nuts soaked in grape juice
eggplant stuffed with walnut paste
lunch at Funicular restaurant
Awesome Georgian lemonade. You can choose between lemon, thyme, vanilla, pear and grapes.

Aerial Tramway Tbilisi

The aerial tram is considered as public transport in Tbilisi and in order to have a ride you’ll need to get a travel card (2 GEL, which is around 0.75 EUR and is non refundable) and top it up. One ride is only 1 GEL per person and you can enjoy the splendid view of the city and easily get to the top of the hill.

Marine and I watching the city from the cable car
Aerial tram seen from the hill tbilisi cable car turist
Aerial tram seen from the hill

Plekhanovi neighborhood

I really like this area because it is a place is full of contrasts. The people living there are quite traditional, the stores have a unique ambience and the houses are charming. On the contrary, there is an old sewing factory that has been renovated in 2016 and now serves as a hostel, pubs, bars and a place where young Georgians chill out.

Plekhanovi neighborhood is full of tiny grocery shops, bakeries and beautiful backyards. Don’t rush while there, and simply let yourself get lost.

Houses around
Flower shop in the newly renovated area
Local kiosk/shop
The walls of the old sewing factory (read more here)
evenings in the neighborhood
Local bakery

Turtle Lake

Another viewing spot shown to us by Giorgi.

Tbilisi is the city of hills and whichever one you go to, you will have a truly astonishing view on the city. In the summer people swim in the lake, but if you’re not a swimmer, you can chill out in one of many cafes nearby.

The best way to get to the hill is by car.

Turtle lake seen form one of the cafes on the hill

Visit the Old Town

The Old Town of Tbilisi is not very big and can be seen properly within a couple of hours. There are many shops and restaurants to visit and wonderful houses to see.

The Old City
Watching the Aerial Tramway and the Old City
Peeking :) the backyard of Tbilisi are mysteriously magical
Houses in the Old City

Have you been to Tbilisi? What else would you recommend to visit? Leave suggestion in the comment section below!

Special thanks to Giorgi ( www.georgiastartshere.com ) and Marine for showing around!

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