Urbex In Kolut – Unveiling Untold Stories Of This Post-German Village

I have always had this thing with abandoned places, roofs, not-so-tapped destinations and spots. When a couple of years ago I first saw photos with a hashtag #urbanexploration on Instagram I thought it was such a cool idea to actually give a name to something that many people have been doing for years. I have always been a wanderer and liked to peep into old buildings, rock rickety rooftops and chase the sunsets from not so known places. If you enjoy that too, keep calm and read on! I will take you on a virtual exploration of an old, post-German village in the north-west of Serbia.

For those of you who are not familiar with the word “urbex”, first of all I guess we have to answer one essential question:

What Does “Urbex” Stand For?

The word “urbex” is a fusion of “urban” and “exploration”.

Briefly speaking,  urbex is all about exploring and indulging the abandoned, urban areas. Sounds creepy? Not really!

Why I Find It Unique?

Urbex has it all: it is a blend of discovery, photography and sport. Urbex tells untold stories. It allows you to interpret the moment you live in a unique way, your way. You decide what story you want to tell through your photos, videos and captions. Urbex has no boundaries. It lets you explore endless paths, places, tales.

Urban Exploration in Kolut

Back in the sixties of 20th century the village was inhabited by Hungarians, Serbs and Germans. Nowadays you can still see Hungarian names on the buildings and streets, but most of people who live there are Serbs.

Most of the houses that you can see in my photos were built between 1890 and 1920. In the front of some properties you can still see the name of its owner carved on the wall and the year when the house was designed.

More and more people leave Kolut to work in bigger cities, many houses remain uninhabited.

And abandoned…

An old church in Kolut. It’s now closed (since the 90s of 20th century) but you can peek through the broken door
Mother nature taking over.
Peeking into the backyards of the old houses
An old backyard
One of the backyards in the vilage of Kolut
Once upon a time…
Remainings of a house
Inside an old house
I found an urbex treasure!
German architecture in the beginning of 20th century was breathtaking
That’s probably my favorite shot from my urban exploration in Kolut – look at the portrait of that young lady!
In the backyard of one of the houses

What are other urbex-friendly destinations? Can you recommend something?

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