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Georgia has been in my bucket for the past years, and I really (like really) wanted to go there! Somehow I would always postpone the trip. I am a fan of Paulo Coelho and I’ll quote one of my favorite phrases of his:

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to get it”

So it happened. I met Ann, the creative manager of Fabrika hostel during one of the travel conferences I attended in Amsterdam. Quick chat, exchaging ideas, tickets to Georgia booked. Short trip, intense though. 3 days of wandering in the streets of Tbilisi, discovering them with the founder of Georgia Starts Here.

Giorgi telling me stories about Tbilisi

I found the city a unique blend of cultures and influences from many different parts of the world. Tbilisi is super bewildering and magical!

Fabrika (“Factory”) is an interesting spot on the map of Georgia’s capital. The abandoned building of an old sewing factory has been restored and now serves as a meeting spot for the youth of Tbilisi, pubs, concept stores and a hostel.

The building is decorated in numerous graffittis by various artists from Tbilisi:

the walls of Fabrika

A Place Like No Other

Being in the surroundings of Fabrika is an experience itself.
A place like no other in the capital of Georgia has it all, giving an interesting experience to the travellers and is a unique place for the locals. The creators of Fabrika create a community.
Fabrika’s area consists of a hostel, several pubs and concept stores. There’s also a hidden backyard where young Georgians chill out in the evenings. During the weekend there are various events, concerts and activities to choose from.

Evening at Fabrika

Off The Beaten Track

Renovated in 2016, Fabrika is located a bit far from the city center (around 3-4 km), but is easily accessible by taxi that will cost you just 1 EUR. Alternatively you can have a 30-min walk and admire the splendid architecture of Tbilisi on your way. I truly loved the neighborhood, it remains authentic and has a one-of-a-kind ambience. The area is quiet and you will find everything around: supermarkets, metro station, groceries and more.

Local bakery nearby
The neighborhood

First Class On A Budget

The hostel can accommodate nearly 400 people in the industrial-themed rooms. The prices are affordable, yet not the cheapest as for this part of the world, but definitely worth it.
The breakfast costs 6 EUR and is so good that many hotels could envy! The food served is a fusion of European and Georgian cusine. Several chefs make sure about the quality, taste and look of the meals. The Khachapouri I ate in the Fabrika’s canteen was probably the best one I tried in Tbilisi.

Bufet breakfast – everyone will find something yummy! Vegans, meatlovers… all!

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