What To See & How To Get To Tara National Park In Serbia

I chose to stay in Mokra Gora, which is a small village in the Tara National Park. I think I couldn’t have chosen a better place to stay! Everything is so close, all the most beautiful spots are around.

Mokra Gora loosely translated into English means “wet mountain”. This name is not a coincidence, the place is full of springs and small waterfalls, where you can drink fresh water directly from the source!

There are lots of places to see in this wonder of nature, and I have listed the most remarkable ones for you.

The road leading to Banjska Stena

Banjska Stena – View Point

If you are in Tara Park you certainly can’t miss that splendid view point. During the season many people visit it, but we went there in March (super cold and windy!) and there were no people. All Banjska Stena for us!

The views are breathtaking and you can admire mother nature in all its glory.

The best way to go there is by car. You can park it around 1km before Banjska Stena and have a walk through the forest before you reach your destination. As the forest in quite wild, I’d suggest going there before the dawn.

The view from Banjska Stena

The Shargan Eight Ride

During the high tourist season (that starts on April 1st) you can have a train ride in the mountains. The narrow tracks and old steam engine give the ride some charm.

As we went there before the season, we just took the car and walked from one station to another, which was a good alternative to the train ride. “The Shargan Eight” started operating in 1903, when it was built by the Austro-Hungary and connected Eatern Bosnia and Sarajevo. It has a colorful history, full of ups and downs. Now it serves as a tourist attraction.

For the timetable and pricing check the official Sanganska 8 website.

I truly loved Jatare station. Why? See the photos below:

Chilling out near Jatare station
One of the stations
At Jarate station
The plan of the Shargan Eight
One of the stations


Tara National Park is faous for its monasteries. There are countless churches and other religious places around. Each one of them has some unique design, like that red one:

Probably the smallest church I have seen so far in Serbia:

Drven Grad

I have written an entire article about this amaizing place and you can read more here. It is something worth visiting and it is located at the top of Mokra Gora. The views are splendid, the town is fun enough to spend an entire day there!

The Drven Grad – Mećavnik
Church and wooden path of the Drven Grad (Timber Town)

Where To Stay & How To Get To Mokra Gora?

Wooden house in Mokra Gora

I really wanted to stay in a peaceful place, preferably private and intimate. I spent two days scrolling pages on Booking.com when I came across the place you can see in the photos below. That was exactly what I was looking for! Beautiful, wooden house located in a remote place (even uncle Google got slightly confused!).

Small, family business, cozy bedrooms and all attractions that I’ve mentioned in this article were nearby. We paid 30 EUR a night for 3 people in low season. The place consisted of 2 bedrooms, small kitchen, bathroom and an amazing living room with the view that you can see below:

The view from the apartment we’ve rented. Click here to see other apartments in the region.

How to get there?

The best way to get there is by car. If you don’t drive, you can take a bus from Belgrade to Visegrad. Important: tell the driver (in advance) to drop you off at Mokra Gora train station because it’s not a regular stop!

Stop during our ride to Tara National Park

Would you like to go there? Have you been there already?

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