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Stara Szkoła In Wysoka Wieś – Slow Food In The Woods

Stara Szkoła In Wysoka Wieś - Slow Food In The Woods

I am in love with Mazury (Masurian Lake District) I can’t hide! I have been to many places, seen various villages, tried amazing foods there.

When I thought that I had seen all the beauty, ate the best local specialties and nothing could surprise me, I went to Stara Szkoła guesthouse in Wysoka Wieś.

“Stara Szkoła” translated from Polish means “an ancient school” and it’s a place that has been brought back to life by a lovely couple, Ewa and Jacek. Decades ago the building used to serve as a school for the kids from the village. Nowadays it’s a peaceful guesthouse surrounded with greenery and forest.

Flowers, fruits and trees everywhere!
Flowers, fruits and trees everywhere!
Path of flowers
Path of flowers

The place is super cozy and feels like home. The owners sit with their guests and tell them stories. There are only five rooms to rent so it is very easy to make friends with other guests. Way better than a hotel!

If you love nature and wood you will love the rooms and interiors too. The house is full of wooden furniture and decorations, even the ceiling and the walls are covered in wood. Stara Szkoła is an endless mine of beautiful items, whichever room you go to, you will find something interesting: old decorations, bottles of alcohol, hoary photos in framed hanged on the walls.

Stara Szkoła is a place for couples, friends, families with kids. There is a lot of space to play, relax and walk around. Nature admirers will be in the 7th heaven!

Homemade jams and syrups
Homemade jams and syrups
Our room in Stara Szkoła mazury
Our room in Stara Szkoła
Wooden interiors
Wooden interiors
Stara szkoła mazury wyska wieś
Beautiful, wide windows overlooking the gardens

Something that makes this place outstanding and unique is the cuisine. Everything that you see on your table is homemade, healthy and delicious. Are you on a gluten free diet? No problem! Everybody will find something good for themselves.

I have to emphasize that the food served there is one of the best I have eaten, and I am a foodie! Raspberry syrups, loafs of bread full of seeds, smooth hummus, mouthwatering cookies, sweet tomatoes from their own garden…

szklarnia mazury slow good glendoria stara szkola
Ewa and Jacek grow their own veggies!
Stara szkoła guesthouse in Wysoka Wieś
Freshly picked strawberries
Stara szkoła guesthouse in Wysoka Wieś
Gluten free homemade bread
ervegan vegan waganska kuchnia hotel mazury Stara szkoła guesthouse in Wysoka Wieś
Baked veggies with cream and chives sauce
Stara szkoła guesthouse in Wysoka Wieś
Delicious hummus
Stara szkoła guesthouse in Wysoka Wieś
Porridge with berries from the garden

The rates are: 120 PLN (around 27-30 EUR) per person in a double or triple room, if you are coming alone you will pay 180 (around 43-45 EUR) PLN. The price includes a rich breakfast.

If you want to have a dinner, it is 100 PLN per person (around 23-25 EUR) and includes a starter, soup, main course and dessert.

More details on their website.

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