Photographer Who Revived Slavic Legends

We all know Greek tales, Roman and Egyptian stories, don’t we?

But… did you know the Slavic ones? Yes, Slavic legends are beautiful and mysterious. And quite unappreciated. Luckily there are people who strive to present the rich Slavic culture to the world.

Marko Stamatović, a creative Serbian photographer, revived the most famous legends from the Slavic world. Marko and his team made the costumes by themselves and prepared the photo sessions in details. They chose the most beautiful Balkan scenery for the photos, dense forests and the high mountains of Kopaonik. They used the power of mother nature in their photos, played with the sunlight and snow. I’ve asked Marko a couple of questions about his inspiring works and I’ve put it up together to share with you. I couldn’t have kept it for myself, obviously!

What inspired you to do this kind of a unique Slavic legend-themed photo shoot?

I love cinematic photography and I always search for fresh, interesting concepts. In our studio we always try to make unique and unseen costumes and characters. Slavic myths are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Our mythology is full of beautiful stories and characters and I think that, unfortunately, people all around the world are not so familiar with it. I just wanted to create something that is part of my tradition and share it with the world to introduce beautiful and mystic world of Slavic folklore to all who people who want to know more about it.

Quill of the Bird-Queen

Why did you choose Kopaonik for the scenery of your work?

Well, we were searching for scenery for our Vasilisa the Beautiful session and we needed some fairy tale, snowy fields type of background with ancient woods and high trees. Kopaonik was an obvious choice. This region is one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia, a natural reservation, with old trees and traces of wolves and foxes all around. That was exactly the thing that we needed to make that Slavic fairytale scenery and atmosphere in our images. We really try to get as much as we can from camera and raw file and to reduce usage of Photoshop to a minimum, just in really necessary parts of the photo. Hope that we achived that…

Vasilisa The Beautiful photo shot. Model: Boki Milosevic
Vasilisa The Beautiful story, photo shot in the Kopaonik, Serbia.

Vasilisa The Beautiful, model Sofija Đorđević

Vasilisa The Beautiful story, photo shot in the Kopaonik, Serbia.
Vasilisa The Beautiful story, photo shot in the Kopaonik, Serbia.

Marko, what is your favorite Slavic legend?

Ooo I don’t have one favorite :), but I can tell that I love tales about world origins in the Slavic Mythology. The stories about Gods Perun, Veles, Rod, Svarog and tales of their role in creation of universe and the world. They depict a very interesting point of view…

Do you guys know any Slavic legends, if so, what are your favorite ones?

What do you think of Marko’s idea and the works? If you are inspired by his photography, check his website: You can also follow Marko on Instagram and Facebook page.

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