10 Things That Make a Pole, Polish


We Love To Complicate Things…

We don’t use articles. We have cases and conjugation instead… Depending on what you mean it may sound z Karoliną (with Karolina), daję Karolinie (I give to Karolina), lubię Karolinę (I like Karolina), urodziny Karoliny (birthday of Karolina), gdzie jest Karolina (where is Karolina), Karolino (Karolina!).

Foreign movies and series are dubbed by one guy. Yes, you got it right, you hear the same voice throughout the episode!

During lunch time we eat dinner. Dinner in Poland is supper. If your Polish friend invites you for obiad (dinner) it means you should show up in their house between 13h and 15h (1PM-3PM). If someone invites your for kolacja (supper), they will expect you to come at around 18h – 20 h (6PM-8PM). No, we don’t eat late dinners :)

First breakfast in Poland is what others call breakfast, second breakfast in Poland is what others call a lunch (or a snack?). Don’t even try to understand that…

A cousin in Polish (translated freely from Polish to English) is “a sister from the aunt’s side” – so basically all children of our aunts and uncles are our sisters or brothers.

And We Love Rotten (?) Food

Eating fermented food makes a Pole, Polish. Bigos (hunter’s stew) should be cooked for three days, the more deadly gas the better! You could easily use it as weapon on the battlefield in Afghanistan. Preserved cabbage and cucumbers make a perfect base for many Polish dishes, such as kapusniak, ogorkowa, pierogi. You either hate it or you love it.

We eat pasta with fruits. Dumplings are stuffed with fruits. We also make a fruit soup :)

pierogi duplings polish cuisine pork halal kuchnia staropolska stary plyn elk gizycko restauracja magda gessler gesler pascal okrasa gotuj kwestia smaku przepis kotlet tv master chef polska

We love potatoes, we praise them. Depending on the region, you can hear people calling them kartofle, pyry, ziemniaki. I could say that a potatoe is our national veggie…


Any Reason Is Good…

…to celebrate!

In most countries people celebrate their birthday once a year (or not at all). Let me assure you, that’s not the case with Poles. We’ve added something to our calendars.

It’s called imieniny, which in English means ‘nameday’. So basically, if you buy a Polish calendar, you will see several names written down each day. Lucky Katarzynas can celebrate their nameday even twice a month. Monikas only twice a year. Bizarre custom, I think I will never understand it :)

Once a year, in January we celebrate something called Tłusty Czwartek (Fat Thursday). We eat doughnuts all day long – if you go to a candyshop or a bakery, you won’t find anything else on that day but pączki.

Sometimes We Are Creative

But if you ask your Polish friend to explain you one of the following, things may get more complicated. All these really depend on the context.

how to say fuck you in polish kurwa cursing in polish bitch whore damn shit
No, I didn’t use Photoshop here! Google it and see by yourself :)

For Poles and people who know them, would you add anything else? Slavs, is it similar out there?

For other nations, what are the quirks, extraordinary habits or customs in your country? I’m curious to know your observations!


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