10 Amazing Things To Do in Eastern Europe

I always ask myself the question:

Why do all travelers go to Western Europe, while Eastern Europe has so much to offer in terms of food, landscapes and culture?

I have teamed up with my awesome fellow bloggers and asked them to say a couple of words about their favorite places in this part of the world. They also sent me some great pics they’ve taken. Ready?

The order is pretty random, all places are equally beautiful! Just check!

Walking by Synevir Lake in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

By Veronika from Siniciliya

Synevir Lake is probably the most underrated travel destination in Eastern Europe. It is Ukraine’s most picturesque and clean lake, located in the heart of the Carpathian mountains, in the Synevir National Park.

Ukrainian traditions are amazing, its food is to die for, and the people that live in the Western Ukraine are the most welcoming and friendly in the whole world.

This region is very safe and also unbelievably cheap. Rent a room for only 10 USD or cabin for 25 USD, have the best meal in your life for 2 USD only and enter all National Parks for 1 USD.

It is highly recommended to visit the Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center, where the rescued bears are brought for treatment and where they break the habit of being close to humans.

 Synevir Lake in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

Photo credit Veronika Pototska.
 Synevir Lake in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine
Photo by Veronica Pototska
 Synevir Lake in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine bear
Photo credit: Veronica Pototska

Skiing in Sarajevo, Bosnia

by Colby from World of a Wanderer

When you think about skiing in Europe the first destinations that likely come to mind are Switzerland, France, and Austria. However, Europe’s best-kept secret is tucked away in Eastern Europe and should not be slept on. Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina is steeped in history and home of the 1984 Winter Olympics, and it’s the perfect place for some outdoor adventure. Check out Jahorina Olympic Center where you’ll feel like you’ve just walked into a Winter Wonderland. Strap up your boots, click on your skis, and whiz and weave down the alpine slopes (or slowly glide down the bunny slopes, if you’re like me).
What I love about this place is not only do you get to channel your inner Olympian, but it also doesn’t break the bank. So, you get the same high dollar experience at a much lower price. Talk about winning!
Photo by Colby
skiing slope sarajevo bosnia
Photo by Colby

 Touring The Small Country of Slovenia

By Tom and Flavio from Adventurous Travels

Eastern Europe is even more interesting for us than the over famous, often overrated and overrun by tourists places, like London or Paris. Eastern Europe has a unique mix of cultures, countries, languages and unknown, world’s class natural wonders that you can discover yourself. That’s why we love it so much.
One of our favorite places is the tiny country of Slovenia which has virtually everything, for example: spectacular Alps, Mediterranean coast, unbelievable Soca river which is as clear as a tropical sea and the amazing lake Bled. It’s perfect for all those who love adventure. And it’s so underrated – most of the holiday makers head straight south to Croatia or Greece, skipping this little hidden gem. Don’t make this mistake!
Soca River. Photo by Tom & Flavio
Slovenian Alps. Photo by Tom & Flavio
Bled. Photo by Tom & Flavio
Piren. Photo by Flavio & Tom

Pampering Yourself in Bucharest, Romania

by Marta from Where Life is Great

Not many people know that last year one of the largest wellness centres based on thermal water has opened in Europe. It is called Therme Bucuresti, and it is situated in Bucharest.
Therme Bucuresti is not only the most modern spa I have visited but also one of the coolest! It features 800 000 plants, setting itself as the biggest botanical garden in Romania, six thematic saunas (one even with cinema!), waterslides park, two huge pools that are indoors and outdoors, poolside bars, jacuzzis and relaxation areas.
I especially suggest coming on Saturday night, when there is a live DJ session. Imagine yourself surrounded by palm trees, dancing a night away inside the swimming pool or watching a movie in a sauna. I can assure you will love it!
Photo by Marta
Photo by Marta

Discovering The Mysterious Zorats Karer, Armenia

by Michelle from Cheeky Passports

Armenia has never gained the popularity it deserves as a tourist destination, but remains mostly an often overlooked and underrated crossing between the more popular Georgia and Iran. Although Armenia,the cradle of Christianity, is famous for its churches and monasteries, it is also home to a number of unusual sites which deserve more recognition and popularity.

One such site is Zorats Karer, often called “Armenia’s Stonehenge”, a vast plain with 220 upright basalt stones, some punctured with holes, aligned with the stars. Various theories abound regarding the use of the megaliths in ancient times, the most popular being that the site may have been used as an ancient astronomical observatory, a temple or a necropolis. The site is a couple of minutes off the Sisian highway in the southern part of Armenia and was completely deserted when we visited. The megaliths rest on a beautiful grassy plain surrounded by mountains and are definitely worth the detour even if just for the spectacular views!

Photo by Michelle
Photo by Michelle

Exploring Transylvania – Cluj-Napoca & Turda Salt Mine, Romania

By Cristina from Look n Walk

You may have heard about Transylvania thanks to Dracula and Bran Castle. And although the infamous Vlad Dracul does have a link to this amazing Romanian region – he was born in Sighisoara – I am going to talk about another area: Cluj county!
Cluj Napoca – also simply known as Cluj – is the unofficial capital of Transylvania and the second most populous city in Romania. It is also incredibly charming and located in a beautiful natural area.
In Cluj-Napoca, you can go off the beaten path and visit the Village Museum (officially known as the Ethnographic Park Romulus Vuia), located close to Hoia Forest. Spend some time walking among old houses households and monuments of folk architecture.
In Turda, just 50 km from Cluj, you will find the mesmerizing Turda Salt Mine, complete with a museum, a ferries wheel and a lake (yes, inside the mine).

Photo by Cristina
Photo by Cristina

Sunbathing in the Sun Dunes in Curonian Spit, Lithuania

By Rohan from Travel of a Bookpacker

This thin stretch of land is a Unesco World Heritage Site and is accessible by a short ferry trip ferry from Klaipeda. It stretches 98km and makes a great day trip by car. The spit is covered in forested area for hiking, white sand beaches and rolling sand dunes. The peaceful, little fishing village of Nida is home to some cute restaurants and a beautiful waterfront walkway. This is the main access point for walking through the sand dunes which provide great views. The bottom half of the spit is actually owned by Russia and is fenced off.

Photo by Rohan
Photo by Rohan

Admiring the Architecture in the Metro of Moscow, Russia

By Rohan from Travel of a Bookpacker

The Moscow Metro transports more people per day than the London and New York undergrounds combined. This busy transport system is a tourist attraction in itself due to the incredible stations throughout the city. Each one is like a museum with art, mosaics, chandeliers and stained glass windows adorning the grand underground halls. A ticket costs roughly 50c and is good until you exit the underground. This means you can spend a day travelling between these impressive stations virtually for free. Almost every station is worth a stop but if you’re stretched for time make sure to see PloshchadRevolyutsii, Komsomolskaya and Mayakovskaya. A brilliant activity for a rainy or cold day in Moscow.

Photo by Rohan
Photo by Rohan

Camping & Sailing in the Masurian Lake District, Poland

by me

Not surprisingly Masurian Lake District is called “the green lungs of Poland.”

The region is one of the cleanest in the country and famous for its wild ature. You can find everything there: bumpy hills, thick forests, emerald lakes, and peaceful meadows.

It’s an amazing place for sailors, campers and swimmers. Party animals can enjoy the music festivals in the bigger cities too!

ublik mazury model plus size back pack backpacking camping lake poland

Wandering in The Historical Zemun & Belgrade Cafes, Serbia

by me

Belgrade is one of the least appreciated cities in the region. Wrong. The city has a lot to offer! It is famous for its numerous, cozy cafes and bars. Serbs love to spend time out and I have to admit, I love Serbian cafes the most in Europe!

Zemun is the historical part of the city, boasting splendid Austro-Hungarian architecture. Once you get to the top, you will see the whole city! It’s such a great place for an evening, romantic walk.

View from one of my favorite places in Belgrade:

Have you been to any of these places? If not, which one would you like to visit?

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