4 Weekend Getaways In Slovenia

Slovenia is a bridge linking Western Europe and Slavic countries. It’s well organized, very clean and has it all: green lakes, astonishing mountains, and the sea.  Its small size allows travelers to explore the country without wasting too much time on buses or trains. What’s more, the highways are spread all over the country and thanks to this you can tour the amazing Slovenia in no time!

We’ve spent in Slovenia three spontaneous nights and thanks to a friend of mine, Nina the blogger behind Safari Junkie, we’ve squeezed the best out of our stay in the capital. Apart from Ljubljana, we’ve been to three other cities. It was a weekend trip full of wonderful views and splendid landscapes – now I’ll share with you the photos I’ve taken and tell you more about the places to visit!

Girls enjoying stand up paddle in Ljubljana


Ljubljana was the first and the main point in our bucket as we went there for business.

The weather that March was splendid what made it smooth and pleasant to walk long kilometers in the city. I can undoubtedly say that Ljubljana is one of the cleanest and most lively capitals in this part of Europe. There are lots of green places to walk, ride bikes or chill out.

Girls enjoying stand up paddle in Ljubljana
Girls enjoying stand up paddle in Ljubljana

Fans of bars and pubs will also be happy; Ljubjlana offers lots of cozy places to sit and drink, especially in the city center known for the three bridges emerging into a passage for pedestrians. Tourists and locals sit in the cafes by the river and spend there weekends and evenings. There’re plenty of bars and pubs to choose from, so everyone will surely find something for themselves!

Cafes by the river in Ljubljana
Cafes by the river in Ljubljana

For the best views from the sky, you should visit Neboticnik, a very cool sky bar located in the city center. It gives a 360’ view on the city, perfect spot for photographers and hungry sunset catchers!

Neboticnik view sky ba skybar ljubljana slovenia

Where to eat in Ljubljana?

We ate at Das ist Valter – a very cozy (and crowded too!) restaurant serving typical Balkan food; tufahija, burek, cevap, pljeskavica etc. The place is highly recommended by TripAdvisor, the prices are ok as for Ljubljana, but the food is good.

Desetka at Das ist Valter das ist valter
Desetka at Das ist Valter

I’d recommend wandering around (not in the city center) and looking for local bakeries for the best pastries. The best burek I’ve had in my entire life was the one I had in a small bakery on the corner on Savska Cesta (not far from SPAR store, sorry I don’t know the address nor name!)

Cheese burek & pizza burek
Cheese burek & pizza burek

During all spring and summer you can go to the Open Kitchen market in the city center. You will find all kinds of foods there: vegan, Indian dishes, traditional Slovenian delicacies, home made ice-cream and much, much more!

Deep fried pancakes with apple marmelade
Deep fried pancakes with apple marmelade


Slovenia is famous for its lakes. The most popular and frequently visited is the Bled one, but I think Bohinj lake is worth visiting! Why? It’s equally beautiful, yet it’s less crowded. The fame has not tapped this wonder of nature yet, and you can enjoy peace and beautiful landscapes without an overwhelming number of people around.

The place is splendid for long walks and hikes for nature lovers, the water is crystal-clear and begs for photos!

bohinj lake slovenia bewildered slavica jezero jeziro slowenia

bohinj lake slovenia bewildered slavica jezero jeziro slowenia

Where to eat near Bohinj?

A couple of friends recommended to us Pizzeria Ema, located some kilometres away from Bohinj. If several independent people liked the place, there must be a reason for that! We went there and ordered the specialty of the place, Hisa pizza (home pizza) a pizza full of local cheese, sor cream and dried ham. A feast for two costed us something around 12 EUR. Undoubtedly, no adversiting, it was one of the best pizzas I’ve had in my life.

How to get there? Srednja vas v Bohinju 73, postal code: 4267. Srendja vas is a small village in the mountains, very close to Bohinj.

Ema Pizza with a view near Bohinj


Bled was the first place I have heard about and was recommended to visit once in Slovenia.

I was a bit disappointed when we arrived there. The nature was breathtaking, I can’t deny! What made it less splendid were the crowds (yeah, even in March, so I don’t want to imagine how it will be in July…!)

It was impossible to find a parking spot and a seat in café. No wonder why – everybody wants to have a wonderful view on the Bled lake.

We had no time to hike around the lake, but that’s what many people do, and if you have more time and like spending your time actively – go for it!

Driving around Bleski Grad is fun itself!
Driving around Bleski Grad is fun itself!

Where to stay near Bled?

Bled itself is quite touristy and it may be a headache to find a spot during the high season. What’s more, the prices of accommodation will be higher than in the villages around the town. I’ve checked it!

We’ve chosen the cheapest option on Booking.com: A1 Adventure hostel which is just 8km away from Bled. It’s located in a calm village of Lesce, and is a perfect getaway if you have a car. It’s not the best option for those who seek luxurious hotels, but it’ll do the work if you just need an affordable place to sleep!


The 4th biggest city in the small country of Slovenia, connected with Ljubljana by a highway. Kranj is a perfect option for a one-day trip, it takes only 40 min to get there from Ljubljana and the city is small so you can see it all in a couple of hours.

kranj old town

Kranj has a beautiful old town filled with hidden cafes and beautiful views. At the edge of the old town you’ll find an old church, a kafana (typical Balkan café) and a viewing point – a suspended steel balcony.

If you want to spend your time actively, you can hike to the hill called Smarjetna Gora (alternatively you can just go there by car) and have a drink or lunch with a view on the terrace of Hotel Bellevue located just at the top of the hill.

kranj hotel bellevue belle vue smarjetna gora
Enjoying the beautiful weather at the terrace

Plan your trip to Slovenia (or any other country!) with me:

I’ve prepared a printable bucket list planner- print it out, fill it out and enjoy your trip! You can print out as many lists as you want and collect them in one place. There’s a gap for a date and name of the city and lots of space to srcibble down your plans, places to see and things to do!

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