Photographer Who Revived Slavic Legends

We all know Greek tales, Roman and Egyptian stories, don’t we? But… did you know the Slavic ones? Yes, Slavic legends are beautiful and mysterious. And quite unappreciated. Luckily there are people who strive to present the rich Slavic culture to the world. Marko Stamatović, a creative Serbian photographer, revived the most famous legends from […]

10 Things That Make a Pole, Polish

  We Love To Complicate Things… We don’t use articles. We have cases and conjugation instead… Depending on what you mean it may sound z Karoliną (with Karolina), daję Karolinie (I give to Karolina), lubię Karolinę (I like Karolina), urodziny Karoliny (birthday of Karolina), gdzie jest Karolina (where is Karolina), Karolino (Karolina!). Foreign movies and series are […]